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Our Mission:

Cooking is a life skill. We want to keep the skill alive and pass it on to the next generation. To grow in confidence in the kitchen you simply have to try new things, watch, ask questions and learn.

With every recipe or food post we create, our goal is to teach a skill, share a tip or secret from the kitchen or highlight recipes that showcase produce and encourage you to go find your local suppliers.

A quick mid week meal, really doesn’t have to come from a jar or packet. We encourage you to ditch the pre made, jars and packet foods and to start filling up your cupboards with fresh, local and seasonal produce.

Whatever level your cooking is at right now, we would love to take you on a journey of discovering new food, techniques and a next level of passion for cooking.

We our passionate about food and the food industry. We are lucky enough to live in beautiful New Zealand. Here we have some outstanding food producers and suppliers, from big businesses to small family run farms. We are spoilt for beautiful products and its a great passion of ours to support local businesses and learn the stories behind the products.

The team behind A Tasty Kitchen:

We are a family of 5, who love food and travel.  Food is such a big part of our daily lives and conversation. We love fresh seasonal produce, new recipe ideas, traveling and tasting local cuisines.

Shane Avant is from New Zealand and is an international award winning executive chef. He has spent the last 25 years working in kitchens.  His work has taken him from New Zealand to Australia, Fiji, France, Maldives, UK, Japan, cooking in high end kitchen and luxury resorts. He may even have cooked for a few celebrities and royalty… but his lips are sealed!

Shane’s understanding of flavours and traditional training make him a fountain of food knowledge and his experience in building chef brigades has made him a great teacher. As a chef mentor, he has nurtured new arrivals in the kitchen, watching them grow in confidence and go on to become great chefs, leading their own brigades.

And where ever Shane has worked he has always connected with the local markets and supplies, focusing on local/ seasonal produce to influence what is created in his kitchen.

Sara-Jane is a home cook, who loves tinkering with food, creating new meals and trying out new things in the kitchen.  Over the years she has built a collection of recipes, perfected through the honesty of her taste testing family!

Sara has had the absolute luxury of being able to ask a professional chef, all her food queries and questions.  Whether it’s a new cooking method she wants to understand, a recipe that’s not quite right or what to substitute that missing ingredient with, the abundance of shared knowledge has helped her learn and grow.

A Tasty Kitchen was created, to welcome you all to share your food journey. Join us, ask questions, watch, learn, try something new but most of all enjoy!

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