Chinese Lettuce wraps

These Chinese lettuce wraps, san chop bau, are a quick and easy dinner. We love the savoury flavours of the pork mince with the fresh crunchiness of the salad.

Ready in 30 minutes this delicious, healthy recipe is a great go-to for the whole family. Let us show you how to whip up these delicious wraps!

– Pork mince – Fresh garlic and ginger – Spring onion/ Scallions – Peanut oil (optional) – Sesame oil – Water chestnuts  – Light soy sauce – Oyster Sauce – Rice wine vinegar – Caster sugar – Corn flour – Mung bean sprouts – Lettuce 


STEP 1 -  The Filling. Cook the mince and add all the sauce ingredients. STEP 2 - Lettuce Prepare the lettuce cups. STEP 3 - Garnishes For extra crunch and flavour. Add your favourite garnishes. Serve & enjoy!

How to make san choy bau.

Serve platter style on the table and let everyone build their own. Even our kids love tucking into this dinner!

A great lunch or healthy dinner and perfect for sharing.  The classic Chinese sweet and savoury flavours will always be a winner!

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