Unwrap the magic of holidays with these delicious Christmas food ideas.  Explore festive recipes for the season, from classic roasts to delightful treats at A Tasty Kitchen.

A baked salmon fillet topped with a dukkah crumb and served with a fennel and orange salad. A deliciously stunning centerpiece!

A delicious peach and bourbon Christmas ham glaze recipe. This boozy, stick glaze is perfect for your table these holidays.

Enjoy a delicious twist on traditional potato salad with our smoked salmon potato salad recipe. This side dish is simple yet full of flavour.

Fresh oysters served with a mignonette dressing, there is a reason this classic French shallot dressing has been served with oysters for 100's of years! Enjoy!

We love it when a dish makes one ingredient sing and this delicious roasted heirloom carrot salad, certainly does that. A perfect side for the festive season.

This chicken with gnocchi and chorizo is the perfect chicken dinner party recipe. Delicious yet simple to make and plated beautifully for a stunning dish.

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