Delicious Simple Ceviche

Fresh fresh simple ceviche is perfect for summer light and packed with vibrant flavours.  Serve with tortillas for a delicious main.


– Snapper fillets – Lemons, lime – Chili, Spring onions – Salt – Yellow bell pepper – Mint, cilantro – Avocado


STEP 1 - Thinly slice the fish, prepare the dressing and salad ingredients

STEP 2 -  Mix the fish with the lemon, lime and chilli dressing. Marinate until the fish turns opaque, this can very depending on type and thickness of fish.

STEP 3 -  Mix the fish with salad and build layers of fish and salad ingredients to create a beautiful looking and tasting ceviche.

Ceviche is delicious served as it is and works well for appetizers.

Use firm white fish that is available and sustainable in your region. Snapper, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, and gurnard are all good options.

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