Easy Bircher Muesli

Looking for a healthy breakfast that you can make ahead of time?  This classic recipe is made with oats, milk, and fruits of your choice soaked overnight to create a creamy texture. 

– Oats – Milk - Orange juice – Fruits of choice

Simple ingredients:

STEP 1: Mix the oats, milk and orange juice together and place in an airtight container.

STEP 2: Leave the oats to soak overnight.

STEP 3: In the morning, serve a single portion of the oats and add your toppings. Its that simple, enjoy!

Perfect for breakfast but also a healthy go to snack any time of day.  Great for taking to work or as a healthy afternoon pick me up too.

You can substitute the milk in this recipe to meet your dietary requirements. This recipe works well with coconut or almond milk.

Add your own toppings and flavours and enjoy. We love serving platter style with a range of seasonal fruit so everyone can create their own flavours!

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