Easy Butterflied Chicken Dinner

If you love the flavours of Nando's chicken, this finger licking good, quick and easy butterflied chicken recipe is for you! Let's get cooking!

- Large Chicken - Olive Oil - Lemon - Garlic - Rosemary - Chilli


STEP 1 - Butterfly the chicken (cut it in half lengthwise, so it opens like a book).

STEP 2 - Pound garlic, chili, rosemary, salt, pepper, lemon zest and juice in a mortar and pestle, then stir in olive oil. Marinate the chicken in the mixture.

STEP 3 Grill or bake the chicken until cooked through. Let rest at least 20 minutes.


STEP 4 - Cut chicken to small portions and serve with your favorite sides, such as rice, salad, or fries.

Option to make this dish extra: Tzatziki! Grate cucumber and mix with yogurt, mint, garlic, lemon juice, salt, olive oil, and refrigerate.

You can substitute with dried rosemary, around one heaped teaspoon. Serve with yoghurt flatbread for a delicious feast.

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