Entree recipe ideas

Entree recipe ideas

A delicious collection of entree recipe ideas,  Follow all our chef tips for cooking these dishes to perfection. Follow all our chef tips to cooking these dishes to perfection.

Fijian Coconut Cured Fish Salad - An elegant entree with flavours of the South Pacific. A simple light dish to start your meal.

Mussels in white wine cream sauce is a decadent French classic. Rich, flavoursome and perfect served with crusty bread for mopping up that sauce!

Smoked mackerel fish cakes are simple and tasty, perfect as an entree or appetizer espically when feeding a crowd.

Perfect for sushi lovers, our salmon onigiri recipe is simple yet packed with flavour. Enjoy these Japanese rice balls for lunch, as a snack or light dinner.

Bouillabaisse - A classic French soup with gentle flavours and perfectly cooked fish and seafood is the perfect entree to any dinner party.

Spicy New Zealand mussels. These plump green shell mussels are delicious topped in a creamy, spicy and sweet coconut dressing. This seafood feast makes a delicious entree.

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