Main Course 

Chicken with Gnocchi

Savor the ideal dinner party dish with loved ones – a Main Course featuring succulent Chicken, pillowy Gnocchi, and flavorful Chorizo. Plus it's easy to recreate get our chef tips below.

- Chicken breasts - Chorizo sausage - Portobello mushrooms - Asparagus - Tomatoes - Gnocchi - Butter - Canola oil - Fresh basil – Salt and Pepper


     – Canelinni beans       – Garlic       – Milk      – Salt 

White Bean Garlic Puree


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STEP 1 - Place the beans, garlic and milk into a pot and bring to a simmer.  Gently simmer until the garlic cloves are soft.

Prepare ahead

White Bean Garlic Puree

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STEP 2 - Separate milk from beans, reserving liquid. In a food processor, blend beans, garlic, and a bit of milk. Thicken to a smooth puree, season with salt.

keep warm until ready   

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– Pre heat the oven to 200 deg °C

To Prepare the Dish


– Arrange peeled mushrooms in a roasting tray, add butter, salt, and pepper, and include halved cherry tomatoes. Bake for 10 minutes.

– Remove from the oven once cooked.


On a pan, grill chorizo slices until browned on each side. Place them on the tray with mushrooms and tomatoes.


Pour canola oil into the pan.  Pat the chicken skin dry, season with salt and pepper, and place it skin side down in the heated pan.  Then, cook in the oven for 8 minutes.


Simmer asparagus while chicken bakes. Remove. Cook gnocchi until it floats (4-5 minutes) in the same pot.

Pan-fry gnocchi in a heated non-stick pan with 1 tablespoon canola oil and butter for color.


Take the chicken out, add butter, flip, return for 4 mins. Remove, spoon pan juices for basting.  Let it rest, continuing to baste for optimal flavor.


Arrange gnocchi, mushrooms, chorizo, asparagus, tomatoes around bean puree. Top with chicken. Serve and enjoy!

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