Moroccan Lamb Salad

A warm lamb salad with Moroccan spices and a citrus sumac yoghurt dressing. A delicious, easy to prepare dish, any time of year. 

Let us show you how to perfect the marinating and cooking of the  lamb cutlets. And in a few simple steps wow your friends and family with this beautiful dish.

STEP 1 -  Marinate. Use a mortar and pestle (or mini chopper) can blend the Moroccan spice. Coat the lamb and marinate for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

STEP 2 - Sumac dressing. Mix together the yoghurt, sumac, lemon juice and salt until well combined. Keep in fridge until needed.

STEP 3 - Cook your lamb. Use our guide to cook your lamb to perfection, every time! 

STEP 4 - Assemble While the lamb is resting. Prepare your remaining salad ingredients. Assemble the salad and dress with the sumac dressing.

A delicious lamb salad to enjoy any day of the week! Happy cooking!

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