Mussels in white wine sauce.

Mussels in white wine sauce is a decadent French classic. Rich, flavoursome and perfect served with crusty bread for mopping up that sauce!  A perfect meal for two or for entertaining.

– Fresh mussels – A large shallot – Garlic – Oil . – White wine - we recommend a good sauvignon blanc. – Cream (full fat) – Fresh parsley – Salt and pepper Optional - – Tomato – A French stick or crusty bread.

The ingredients:

STEP 1 -  Clean the mussels - Scrub the shells and de beard.

STEP 2 -  Create the sauce Over a medium heat, dice and cook the shallots and garlic till soft.  Add the wine and reduce the liquid by half, add the cream and simmer.

STEP 3 -  Cook the mussels Add the mussels to the sauce, place the lid on the pan and allow 3-4 minutes for the mussels to cook and open. Discard any that don't open..

STEP 4 -  Garnish and serve Add the parsley, copped and deseeded tomatoes. Serve and enjoy!

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