Oyster With Classic French Dressing.

Some moments are made for oysters. And there's a reason this classic French dressing has been served along side oysters for 100's of years.

How are oysters harvested?

Farmed - grown on ropes in oyster farms in tidal estuaries. The tide brings in the nutrients needed for the oysters to grow. Raked - the oysters are simply gather from their beds, using a rake. Provide better control on size and less damage to the beds. Dredged - Collected from the seafloor this method has to be strictly managed.

When purchasing oysters always asked where they have come from and how they were harvested.

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Oysters With Mignonette Dressing

2-4 servings


10 minutes


1 doz Fresh ½ shell oysters 2 Shallots (Eshallots) Peeled, finely diced ¼ cup Red wine vinegar ¼ cup Mineral water Salt and pepper 

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– Place diced shallots, red wine vinegar and mineral water into a small bowl and mix well. – Season with a pinch of salt and a good grind of black pepper, place in the fridge and allow the dressing to marinate for a couple of hours. – To prepare your oysters, check for any loose bits of shell. Then cut away the muscle that holds the oyster to the shell. – To serve, place the oysters on a bed of ice with a side of the mignonette dressing and enjoy!

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