Salmon Rice Bowl

A Japanese twist on a classic Hawaiian poke bowl. Brings together delicious classics of miso glazed salmon and Japanese flavors with the comfort feeling of tucking into a poke bowl. Enjoy!

- Salmon - Miso paste - Sake - Soy sauce - Rice & seasoning Plus your toppings of choice.


STEP 1 - Marinate the salmon with the delicious flavours of the miso, sake and soy sauce.

STEP 2 -  Cook the rice follow our guide to cook your rice to perfection.

STEP 3 -  Prep your choice of topping ingredients. We love adding fresh flavours and different textures.

STEP 4 -   Cook your miso glazed salmon. Check out our tips for creating the perfect crispy skin, YUM!

STEP 5 -  Serve in a bowl and enjoy!