Summer Potato Salad

Enjoy a delicious twist on traditional potato salad with our smoked salmon potato salad recipe. This side dish is simple yet full of flavour.

–  potatoes –  eggs –  mayonnaise –  mustard –  red onion – smoked salmon –  lemon –  parsley – Salt and pepper

Simple Ingredients:

STEP 1 - Boil potatoes until just soft. Then, boil eggs for 6.5 minutes and cool.

Hot dish

STEP 2 -  In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, dijon, gherkins, red onion, lemon zest and juice, parsley, salt and pepper.

STEP 3 -  Slice eggs and add to mayonnaise mixture.

STEP 4 - Add potatoes, toss, and arrange with eggs, salmon, and parsley.

For a different flavour you can switch up the smoked salmon for smoked mackerel.

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