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International award winning, Kiwi born Chef, Shane Avant left New Zealand 17 years ago on a culinary journey to some of the world’s most exotic locations and luxury kitchens.

After 4 years at culinary collage, Shane cut his teeth at some of New Zealand’s most iconic restaurants, under some of the greatest chef mentors.  He began as a Commis Chef at Christchurch landmark restaurant Le Bon Bolli, 1996.  Excelling at competitions, he quickly put himself on the international culinary scene winning international awards, representing his country, Asia-pacific region and on to the international finals in Paris. Where he came second in the finale to a Parisian, a tough competition considering the all French panel of judges. During his time on the competition circuit Shane become know as the master of the mystery box challenge, attributed to his outstanding knowledge of food, flavours and well-developed palate.

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To build on his culinary skills, Shane knew he had to travel, exploring kitchens and cuisines. He left Kiwi shores for Sydney’s award-winning GPO Grand fine dining restaurant.  Then worked as Chef de Partie at the exclusive Sails Restaurant in the breathtaking Whitsundays, Australia. His career has also taken him to France, Fiji, Japan, the Maldives and the UK. With a time spent as Executive chef at the beautiful Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki on the West Coast.

More recently, Shane was Executive Chef at the exclusive 5-star Vomo Island Resort in Fiji.  Executive Chef at 5-star Cocoa Island by COMO in the rich-lister preferred destination, the Maldives. And Executive Chef at the 5-star Fiji Beach Resort & Spa Hilton.

Shanes career has led him to high end restaurants and multi operational resorts, cooking for celebrities and even British Royalty. He has an eye for developing menus, creating additional offerings, improving quality along side increasing profits. With an experience in resort and restaurant openings, he has an ability to understand the needs of both owner and customer, creating an experience beyond expectation.

With his traditional training, natural understanding of flavours and travel, Shanes food is classic yet heavily influenced by Asia, the Pacific, Indian spices and sourcing local ingredients.

Having had the guidance of some outstanding chef mentors, to help focus and drive his career. Shane now enjoys doing the same and looking out for new talent. Passing on his skills and vast knowledge to the next generation of chefs.  Having experienced so many multicultural kitchens and chefs of all levels, Shane has become a great leader and teacher in the kitchen, making the most complex of techniques understandable, drawing out peoples natural skills and talents.

Regardless of where they have lived, Shane always seeks out local produce and forms great connections with local suppliers and producers. While living in developing countries, he worked closely with local producers, helping them understand the market allowing them to bring more of their produce to professional kitchens.

After years on the international food scene, Chef Shane Avant has returned to New Zealand with his partner to give their three children a Kiwi upbringing. He returns with experience in leading successful kitchens, bold flavour combinations and an adventurous palate, while always respecting the classics. With a wealth of food business knowledge and resources, he is passionate about small, local New Zealand businesses and supporting them to thrive.

Now living on the edges of Lake Wakatipu on the South Island, he is excited about reconnecting with New Zealand cuisine and produce.

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