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Nothing quite say’s ‘special occasion’ like oysters. Are you hosting friends, serving a meal for two or celebrating an event? Then we have some delicious oyster recipes for you. There’s something quite decadent about serving and enjoying oysters with loved ones. Whether you are looking for a simple oyster recipe, an Asian inspired dish or a fresh oyster dressing, we have a recipe for you! Enjoy!

Half shell oysters on ice.

Oysters With A Mignonette Dressing

A French mignonette dressing is a classic way to serve and enjoy oysters. A perfect dish for two or the serve as a shared table, with family and friends. Simply serve the oysters over ice and either drizzle the dressing on top of each oyster, serve on the side of the dish or do both like we did! Either way these tasty little morsels are sure to be slurped up!

Fresh Oysters With A Mignonette Dressing
Fresh oysters served with a mignonette dressing, there is a reason this classic French shallot dressing has been served with oysters for 100's of years! Enjoy!
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Half shell oysters with mignonette dressing.

Tempura oysters served in shells and spoons.

Tempura Oysters With Wasabi Mayonnaise

Japanese inspired oyster dish with a crisp tempura batter. Perfect for small plates, walk and talk events or simply to create a stunning center piece. This recipe is a delight with every bite! And much simpler than it looks to recreate, let us walk you through it.

Tempura Oysters with Wasabi Mayonnaise
This dish is certain to win over your guests. Each mouthful containing a sweet, crisp tempura battered oyster, with the sharpness of the wasabi mayonnaise and the refreshing cucumber salsa, plated beautiful, making it delicious to both the palate and eye.
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beautifully plated oysters in tempura batter

Steamed oysters in a basket with Asian dressing

Asian Inspired Chili Oysters

These lightly steamed oyster are truly delicious, each shell containing a perfectly balanced Asian dressing that pairs beautiful with the oysters. A delight to the tastes buds and definitely a recipe for all oyster lovers!

Asian Inspired Chilli Oysters
Asian inspired chilli oysters, gently steamed in a sweet, sour, salty and spicy dressing creating a delicious dish, that will wow your friends.
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Steamed oysters in a basket with Asian dressing

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